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Bratislava, August 2015

Bratislava is an urban centre.

There were a few more 'urbans' that we didn't take pictures of. And it felt like there were even more, thanks to us getting lost a few times and walking past the same ones repeatedly. Urban Bistro, in particular, we spent a lot of time in, not completely voluntarily. This was a hipsterish cafe full of smiling young people, blackboards with witticisms (in dubious English) and advertising a 'Melbourne breakfast' - so how could we not? 45 minutes after we ordered, the only mildly-stressed-looking waitress came over to tell us that actually the cook wasn't there, but the barista was making our breakfasts, and there'd been a delay because they'd had to send someone to buy avocados. 

The food, after that saga, was surprisingly good. This was not one of the better bits, but it's more important to convey the pretentiousness of the place than its tastiness. It was good enough for us to go back the next day, when the chef did seem to be in attendance.

Bratislava is not a very exciting place. We went on a short cruise to see some ruins, ate in pretentious cafes, and watched quite a lot of Game of Thrones. The cathedral, though, is beautiful in a serene and understated way that it's difficult to capture in a photo. (Or it's not captured in my photo, anyway.) And cheesecake.