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Istanbul, I and II:


I managed not to take any photos of trams in Belgrade, the only place we actually caught one. It looked quite similar to most of the others.


Bratislava was too small and uneventful to have trams.


Subtly, every tram is different. Actually, though, through most of central/eastern Europe they feel very similar. They're quite slow, and quaint; they stop a lot; and they don't service much outside a pretty central hub of the city. They don't really have all that much in common with trams in Melbourne, even though it's very much my nostalgia for those which spurs me to take all these photos.

Trams in the Netherlands are closer, except in the centre of Amsterdam, where they revert to quaint and uncomfortable. Here, for example, is a serious looking tram coming up to a serious looking tram stop in Rotterdam. From memory, I was catching this tram alone to escape a karaoke night.

It's pretty hard to explain all this, to an audience …

Istanbul, August 2015

In 2016 (or 2015, as it was) it's not that hard to get around foreign cities. You can download a map, you'll probably have enough wifi to search directions, smartphone GPS works even when the internet doesn't - you manage.

Except when you've just arrived in the city, when the GPS spits the dummy because you're so far from where you were last time it paid attention, and you haven't got online, and you're following poorly written directions with pretty minimal faith they're going to get you where you need to go. That part, you don't necessarily manage. This became a bit of an arrival pattern on our way through Europe - an increasingly stressful one - but since Istanbul was stop number one, we were pretty tolerant at this point in the trip.

Lots of people in Istanbul speak English - lots more than Sile - but not our taxi driver, and neither he nor the navigation app on his phone could make sense of the address we'd been given. He went in a general …

Şile, August 2015

Last (European) summer, after my exams, I went travelling with my partner through Europe. We caught buses and trains from Istanbul up to Berlin, then flew back to Oxford, over the course of about a month. Unsurprisingly that involved thousands and thousands of photos, so I'm going to be highly selective and also split the trip into a few posts. First up: Turkey.

I actually got to Turkey about a week before Camille, who was busy doing important things in Beijing. So while I waited for her, I went to Şile, a Black Sea resort town I had never heard of (and still haven't, really) on the promise of beaches. I'm reading the Wikipedia article as I write this, and realising that I didn't even look the place up on Wikipedia before I went there. I was really flying blind.

If you're also reading the Wikipedia page, you'll see that there's a bus from Üsküdar in Istanbul. This makes things sound significantly easier than it is. Üsküdar is a really big place. I didn'…